Rules On Body Vs. Mind

The body… and how it communicates

  • The body is constant and predictable.
  • The body asks for nutrients only, not for food by name.
  • The body has no knowledge of taste, smell, or flavor of a particular meal or food.
  • The body only asks for nutrients to balance a particular deficiency in your system.
  • The body “never lies”.
  • The body has a need to be nutritionally balanced.
  • The body deals with the “possible’ while the mind handles the “impossible”.
  • The body will accept any and all commands by the mind, regardless of its apparent damage.
  • There is no possible way to be successful in a nutritional program unless the mind has been influenced to accept it.
Rules on Vitamins
Rules on Vitamins
  • The body is designed to heal and survive that is why it allows so much abuse.
  • The body also communicates through feelings by chemical reactions inside it, such as headaches, pain, tiredness, irritability, depression, anguish, happiness, etc. All these are signs of what nutrition the body does or does not need, not a sign to us to take a drug to cover those signs.
  • The body will perform beyond its limits and to the full extent of the minds’ desires.
  • The body will do the impossible to repair any damage caused to it no matter for how long such damage has been taking place.
  • The Mind, not being as rigid as the body can either influence you into success or fool you into total destruction.
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