Fear of Food

Self-depravation, inability to control our weight and constant failure causes us to restrict foods from our daily diet putting the body into high alert and our minds in a defensive posture to control our hunger.

What is fear of food?  Fear of food is when an individual embarks on a weight loss program using “fad diets” or restrictive measures that eventually create the fear of eating anything, whether it is good for us or not.

fear of food
Fear of Food

We find ourselves at a loss because the restriction of food causes us to actually want to eat more leading the body to think that it is starving and putting it into a panic mode trying to correct the problem.

Psychologically, hunger goes up and those things that we are initially trying to stop ourselves from eating, become the priority of our eating desires.

Restriction from the freedom to eat what we want causes a reverse result and eventually leads us to overeat and gain back any weight we might have lost plus many more.

Restriction causes fear that can eventually lead to dangerous eating disorders and major problems with your health.

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