Cravings…Cravings and Then More Cravings

Keeping in mind that the mind will always lie to you, while the body cannot do so, the following examples will describe my logic
What You Crave Tells The Story On Your Degree Of Health

Keeping in mind that the mind will always lie to you, while the body cannot do so, the following examples will describe my logic.  As an example of a physical craving we can use a man walking through the desert, his body dehydrated and in pain.  He needs water.  That is a physical craving; if he doesn’t get the water…he dies.

As an example of a mental craving situation, we can look at a person watching TV, a commercial of a juicy hamburger features on the screen.  The person just has to have it, if he doesn’t, he won’t die, but it will set off a “chain reaction” of additional “impossible to satisfy” cravings until he satisfies his first desire.  This initial craving is called “Master Mental Craving”.

Master Mental Craving”:  A craving that initiates an uncontrollable negative chain of events if not satisfied.

Physical cravings are a life-sustaining requirement, while mental cravings must be analyzed for validity and outside influence.  As a rule, always follow a physical craving and always hold a mental craving suspect.

The trick?  The trick is to be able to tell them apart.  The F.I.T. ™ Fitness Longevity Training Methods teach you how to do so, how to shift from an Unconscious State of Choice to a Conscious State of Choice. Visit  

Physical cravings are a life-sustaining requirement, while mental cravings must be analyzed for validity and outside influence
Most Cravings Are Decadent

State of Unconscious Choice: Choices made through an accustomed mental behavior without giving it much attention, analysis, or rationale.  Not a necessity.

Most of us either because we are just not paying attention, want an immediate gratification or because our world keeps us too busy to think of our daily health, we live in a State of unconscious Choice.  We apply an automatic response to anything that has to do with our bodies and food.  If we’re tired, we eat sweets, if we are stressed, we might want pasta or pizza, if we’re watching TV, we’ll want to eat anything that the advertisement shows.

State of Conscious Choice:  Choices made after a full analysis has taken place and a conscious decision is made to benefit the party involved.  A necessity.

The state of Conscious Choice is important when it comes to everything in our lives, but extremely important when it comes to our health.  Food heals, chemicals in foods eventually kills…

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