Controlling Your Overeating Habits

Controling Your Overeating Habits
Controling Your Overeating Habits
  • Don’t eat anything that is not on a plate.
  • Be 100% aware of your portions.
  • Don’t expect rapid miracle weight loss.
Controling Your Overeating Habits
Control your portions at all meals.
  • Stay away from the scale. Judge your progress by the way your clothes fit.
  • Sip an 8 oz glass of water when you’re hungry first then see if you’re still hungry.
  • Make weight loss a long-distance race not a 100-yard dash.
  • Take in deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth before you start eating.
Controling Your Overeating Habits
Stay away from the scale
  • Eat slow savoring your food.
  • Get good sleep. Eating a few pistachios at night before bed might help you sleep.  Pistachios are high in melatonin.
Controling Your Overeating Habits
Take a break for lunch from work to ensure good digestion when you eat
  • Take breaks often from sitting in front of the TV, your cell phone or the computer.
  • You must control when to eat sweets. Don’t allow your mind, stress, excitement, fear, boredom or anything else drive you to eat sweets.
  • Eat sweets ½ hour after a full meal, specially if you had protein (which you should have at every meal). Make sure your sweets DO NOT CONTAIN CHEMICALS.  Sweets are complex carbohydrates and are good for you when they are not bleached of chemically processed.
  • Do one physical activity a day for 15 minutes. Walking, jumping jacks, stretching, swimming, hiking, etc.
  • Laugh a lot. Stay in a positive environment at all cost.
  • Always read ingredient labels…eat only food…listen to your body…question your mind.

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