After I Eat I Fell Like Going To Sleep

Paula Fellingham & Hector Sectzer

There’s a variety of reasons why a full stomach makes us tired, or sleepy or just plain relaxed.  Depending on the foods you eat, some can be heavy on the digestive system and cause tiredness.  Many people believe that eating turkey that contains the amino acid tryptophan, forms the basis of brain chemicals that make people tired.  However, it is not the turkey that makes you sleepy, that often-repeated myth has been busted.  While turkey does contain a large amount of the amino acid called tryptophan and it puts some tryptophan into your bloodstream when you eat it, we have relatively high levels of tryptophan in our blood, and in our brain that’s converted into the neurotransmitter serotonin, and that can make us sleepy.

Experts say that turkey isn’t any more sleep-inducing than other foods. In fact, consuming large amounts of carbohydrates and alcohol may be the real cause of a post-Thanksgiving-meal snooze. The stuffing, potatoes and yams smothered in marshmallows — those are the true problems, according to medical experts. Consuming carbs triggers the release of insulin, which removes most amino acids from the blood, but not tryptophan — that dearth of competitors allows tryptophan to enter the brain and form serotonin and, ultimately, melatonin.

After I Eat I Fell Like Going To Sleep

This video deals with our digestive system and why a person gets tired or feels like going to sleep after eating.  It also touches on the vicious cycle of overeating, that forces us to irrationally keep on eating and the reason why we can’t stop that cycle.  The cycle of incessive eating causes depression, irritability, frustration and shame. It is important to understand that very little can be done towards weight loss and added energy if we keep on eating food products that are full of ADDICTING chemicals.

The interview is done by Dr. Paula Fellingham Director of The Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative, a Women’s empowerment Network with millions of women followers all over the globe. Dr. Paula Fellingham has given presentations to delegates at the United Nations, for the World Movement of Mothers in Paris, and at numerous other conferences across the world. Paula participated in the World Congress on Families in Geneva, and at the World Movement of Mothers Conference at NATO Headquarters.

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