Control Your Surroundings And Prepare Your Own Food

Controlling where and how your food ends up in your mouth is the key to weight loss and maintenance success Always make sure you have the food you want to eat to stay healthy ready and available to you. Just like you prepare for a long trip or a vacation, prepare every day for your nutrition

Control Your Surroundings And Prepare Your Own Food
Having the right nutrition in your kitchen will help you stay on track

Know what is in your foods by preparing them yourself. Home is your control center where you have the healthy food you purchased, where you cook it, where you spice it and where you divide it for your everyday consumption no matter where you go.  This will avoid exhaustion eating, starvation eating, junk food eating stress eating and overeating as a whole. 

Control Your Surroundings And PrepareYour Own Food
Cooking your own food will ensure healthy nutrition

The game of portions. The game starts as follows: Have all the food in front of you. Get a small plate and serve yourself a small portion. Eat slow and attempt to see if you can taste the different food and spices in your mouth before you swallow. Give your stomach a few minute to signal to your brain if it had enough. Then serve yourself another portion if you are still not full. Repeat till your stomach says its full.

Control Your Surroundings And Prepare Your Own Food
Early Nutrition will help you avoid mid-day tiredness

Eat as soon as you get up. The old saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” is very true. Many people say that they don’t eat breakfast because they are not hungry in the mornings. The reason why they don’t eat breakfast in the morning is because they have trained their bodies to go without food in the morning…and that’s why they pig out at nighttime.

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