Working Out The Biceps Correctly

Working Biceps Correctly

Close Grip Ez Bar Curls Or Resistance Bands Curls

This Excercise Can Be Performed At The Gym Or At Home

This exercise can be performed at the gym or at home week one – Day one and four – Exercise three

Breathe in through your nose when your arms are extended and slowly release the air through your mouth as your arms rise.  You should have expelled all the air out when your arms make the inward twist.   Breathe in through your nose as you lower your arms.

Benefits: Larger Biceps – Reps: Pyrasetting for 1 Minute

At Home: Reps: Resistance bands – One Minute (Cardiomuscular System)   


Working Out The Biceps Correctly
Working Out The Biceps Correctly

At The Gym: Ez Bar

  1. Start with your arms down at your side. Feet shoulder length apart.
  2. Knees slightly bent, tighten your stomach.
  3. Grasp the bar or bands so your palms are facing up. 
  4. Then without moving your elbows; raise your hands and forearms into a curl position to your chest so that your forearm touches your bicep.  Squeeze.
  5. Slowly turn your wrist inward (counterclockwise) towards your chest, squeeze, then back outward.
  6. DO NOT swing your back not bent backwards while doing this exercise.
  7. Lower your arms and repeat.

Possible Damage From Incorrect Lifting: Lower back damage, damage to the rotator cuff,elbow joint pain, neck pain and ligament and tendon damage

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