Window to Create Ultimate Physical Benefits

The period of I.P.P.R. ™ (Increased Period of Positive Results) can be increased to up to two hours!  The F.I.T.™ program will guide you on how to achieve this successfully. Physical Benefits

“Window to Create Ultimate Physical Benefits”:  A window of time where the body is able to achieve maximum results from a particular exertion. ™ Hector Sectzer

If the parameters of the “Window to Create Ultimate Physical Benefits” are violated, a reverse negative effect is activated and the objective to create a healthier, stronger and stress free fitness workouts now becomes … impossible…unattainable… out of reach.

The point at which the decline of M.R.E.R. (Maximum Results to Effort Ratio) begins is what we call the “Point Of Diminishing Returns”.


“When the body automatically tightens its “core” because it senses the danger of being struck by an outside force.” ™ Hector Sectzer

The F.I.T. System™ teaches you how to successfully keep your body in the “Impact Activated Mode”.

Physical Benefits
Physical Benefits

Knowing when to sustain the “Impact Activated Mode” during your fitness program will give you the maximum results and the best physique possible from your workouts. 

Concentration plays a big part in being able to sustain this mode for prolonged periods during the fitness program.

“Point Of Diminishing Returns:  The point at which the body will no longer benefit positively from movement and tension and begins a negative spiraling effect.”™ Hector Sectzer

The benefits decrease and additional dangers appear after 15 minutes of training.

Prolonged workouts are more harmful and less effective

Millions of people carry the damaging effects of prolonged and risky “Destructive workouts”.

Destructive workouts:

Workouts so stressful and damaging to the body and mind, were concentration and form are sacrificed to achieve a greater immediate benefit or objective.”™ Hector Sectzer

Speeding the aging process of every aspect of the body and putting  health and wellbeing at risk of immediate and future injury.

Controlled physical activity can increase our happiness, improve the health of our heart, help us to have a slender body, reduce stress and many other benefits.

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