Why Treadmills Can Hurt You

  1. Speed:  Going too fast and slamming your feet down instead of running heel to toe.
  2. Distractions:  The treadmill becomes boring because either the view is always the same or you are watching TV and not paying attention to your form.
  3. Too long on it:  Thinking that staying longer on the machine will give you more benefits.  There is a Point of Diminishing Returns™ (PDR™) in all of us.  So at one point when your body reached the point of maximum benefits, it starts reversing the actual effect you are trying to accomplish.  Once that occurs, you are overstressing your body, causing damage to your tendons, joints and ligaments and forcing the body to store food as fat to overcompensate for the overstress.
Why Treadmills Can Hurt You

4.Holding on for dear life:  Holding on to the siderails to allow you to go faster will damage your shoulder and wrist joints

5.Breathing wrong:  Going too fast or too long causing you to breath through your mouth and causing damage to your longs.  Additionally not allowing oxygen deep into your lungs and impeding muscle growth.

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