Control Your Body While Working Out

Our F.I.T. Fitness System and guidance will teach you how to take control of your body. 

It will teach you the need for proper concentration, the reason behind proper breathing and what happens when incorrect breathing is introduced into a workout.

Then, It will teach you how to control your food instead of your food controlling you.  It will teach you how to recognize “tell-tale” signs from your body and decipher what they mean.

The important thing is it will teach you how to achieve TOTAL self-control over those outside influences that keep on derailing your quest to a fit, healthy, and beautiful body.

“It takes the complete cooperation of your whole body to properly work out one muscle!” ™ Hector Sectzer


Working out is not a race or a competition with your friends to see who can do more, workout longer or lift heavier.  Working out is a means to “fine tune your body, soul and mind.”  Forget competition; leave that to those who need to prove themselves, those that don’t mind wrecking their body instead of accomplishing long-term benefits, or those professionals that get paid to compete.

At one point you have to be asking yourself, “What am I trying to accomplish?”  “Do I want to be a mindless out of control machine on its way to disaster or do I want results?”  “Why is it that I never get results?”  “Why do I always get hurt?”  If you haven’t asked yourself those questions there’s a possibility that you might be heading into a world of hurt with your training program.

The idea is:

  1. To correctly activate the “core” of your body and generate all the energy for your exercises from that prospective
  2. Concentrate on the specific muscle you want to make grow or define
  3. To carry through the correct form, the correct breathing, and the right combination of exercises

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