Why The Stair-Climber Can Be Damaging

  • Jerking motions: Avoid jerking motions and develop a smooth climbing in the nucleus of the stair machine without allowing your legs to reach the bottom or top of the stairs.
  • Incorrect Range: Stay within the range that makes you feel comfortable and is enjoyable.  Going too fast and not being able to keep up or going too slow and moving like molasses is not effective.
Why The Stair-Climber Can Be Damaging
Why The Stair-Climber Can Be Damaging
  • The more the better: Don’t try to make a marathon out of this exercise.  Limit yourself to 15 minutes, then take a break and do stretching exercises for your legs.  Eventually you can increase the time, if you desire.
  • Using the whole body as a weapon: Let your legs do the exercise, hanging on to the side rails and releasing weight from your legs will cause shoulder, wrist and hip damage.  Do only what your legs can handle.
  • Bending over:  Find a groove to where you can do the exercise standing erect and let your arms hang naturally.  Avoid hanging on the handrails. Keep the relaxed motion at a steady speed.  Bending over while doing this exercise will damage your lower back.

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