Listen To Your Body While Training

Exercising control over your body while working out is one of the keys to rapid improvement and safe training. 

The proper concentration while performing an exercise is essential.  Correct breathing will feed oxygen into your muscles, for without proper oxygen, muscles won’t grow. 

 Listen To Your Body While Training
Being aware of your body positive and negative signs will help you stay healthy and strong

Outside the gym and most importantly is how to control your food instead of your food controlling you.  Train yourself on how to recognize “tell-tale” signs from your body and decipher what they mean.  It will teach you how to achieve TOTAL self-control over those outside influences that keep on derailing your quest to a fit, healthy, and beautiful body.

It takes the complete cooperation of your whole body to properly work out one muscle! ™ Hector Sectzer

Working out should not be done as race or a competition with friends to see who can do more, workout longer or lift heavier.  Staying away from competition with yourself and others will ensure proper form and technique thus accomplishing your long-desired goals.   Working out is a means to “fine tune your body, soul and mind.” 

 Listen To Your Body While Training
Correct breathing is the key to muscle growth

Forget competition; leave that to those who need to prove themselves, those that don’t mind wrecking their body instead of accomplishing long-term benefits, or those professionals that get paid to compete.

It is important that you determine what it is that you are trying to accomplish.  Treat the gym as a visit to the dentist’s office, you don’t want to stay there too long, you don’t want to be in pain, but you want 100% results.

 Listen To Your Body While Training
Deep breathing through your nose will help expand your longs and feed the muscles with proper oxygen

You are not a mindless out of control machine on its way to disaster but a well-oiled machine achieving workout perfection and desired results?”  If you are asking yourself “Why is it that I never get results?”  “Why do I always get hurt?”  it is time to change your approach to training or you will possibly be heading into a world of hurt with your fitness program.

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