Exercises That Can Be Damaging

Body builders, powerlifters and many athletes because of the nature of their professional careers perform some exercises that the everyday person that wants to stay fit should not perform, especially as we get older.

Exercises That Can Be Damaging
Exercises That Can Be Damaging
  1. Squats that go lower than a 90-degree angle.
  2. Cheating bench presses (lifting the back of the bench and/or helping with leg strength.
  3. Standing military presses (sitting presses work just as well and save the back)
  4. Leg extensions.  Physical therapists have this exercise on the op of the list of exercises that will damage your knees.
  5. High impact exercises.
  6. CrossFit.  While good results come from this type of training, the injury rate is extremely high.
  7. Running on hard surfaces that have no give upon impact.
  8. Exercises with straight bars.  These are easily replaced by dumbbells or EZ bars.

If you are trying to save your joints from damage as you get older, the above exercises are good to stay away from.  Happy workouts!

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