Body Types

The good news is that there is three main body types ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph. Each has their own typical characteristics that can help you determine which body type you have.

The Ectomorph’s body is lean and long, with difficulty building muscle. The Endomorph’s body is big, high body fat, often pear-shaped, with a high tendency to store body fat.

The Mesomorph’s body is muscular and well-built, with a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells. So it would seem that it would be relatively easy to figure out your correct body type and eat and exercise according to your body type.

However… The bad news is that your body can be a percentage of all three types and a combination of two or three of those body types and that gives you hundreds of possible body types. So my suggestion is that you listen to your body and proceed accordingly with your fitness program, nutrition and supplementation.

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