The Pain and Agony of Losing Weight

The next five quotes will take you through the pain and agony of attempting weight loss and the happiness and self confidence
The key to any success is to never quit trying

The next five quotes will take you through the pain and agony of attempting weight loss and the happiness and self confidence that achieving your goal will provide.

1 – “With the New Day Comes New Strength and New Thoughts.” Eleanor Roosevelt

The failure in one day will give you the strength and determination to come back the next and succeed twice as strong.  Even if you fail several days in a row, but have your mind set and determined that you will not spend the rest of your life as a fat person, you’ll comeback ten times as strong.

Be determined, be brave, take the risk, weight loss is worth it

In any event, journey, goal, or feat the only way to success is to learn by your failures.  Practice will not match such accumulation of knowledge.  Learned behavior through teachings will not compare to such immense life experience of learning by failure.  The only thing that makes failure a real failure is quitting.

2 – “Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.” Suzy Kassem

Doubt, the dark, fearful, nerve wrecking, emotion that shows up at the worse times in our lives.  Everyone experiences doubt, those that overcome it do so by staring it down and refusing it to penetrate our soul.  You will have doubt in your path to weight loss and health.  You will have fear of success and fear of failure and doubt if you’ll ever be successful.  Jus move forward with your plan to lose weight and overcome your fears and your doubts, and you will soon be rewarded with the success of a new and beautiful you.

3 – “No Amount of Security Is Worth the Suffering of a Mediocre Life Chained to a Routine That Has Killed Your Dreams.” Maya Mendoza

Feeling secure in your current situation and being afraid to make a leap into the new you are the most crippling situations one can put themselves in.

Feeling like you will not succeed and being imprisoned into a situation where all your dreams are destroyed will force you into a life of depression and regret.  Venture into the kind of life and the kind of person you want to be.  You have the power in your hands to change your body into a beautiful work of art, and truthfully, fat has no place in such beauty. 

Where there is no effort there’s no forward movement, no chance of success.
There’s success waiting at the end of every failure

4 – “Success Is the Sum of Small Efforts, Repeated Day in And Day Out.”

Where there is no effort there’s no forward movement, no chance of success.  It’s the little steps forward of the correct and positive actions that will train your brain to allow you to do the right thing.  Walking for 10 minutes a day, skipping desert and just having a fruit, keeping a positive mental attitude towards health, maybe just cutting down on portions one of your meals a day.

Weight loss is a journey worth engaging in plow through the doubts and the setbacks and emerge a winner

5 – “If You Think You Can Do Better, Then Do Better. Don’t Compete with Anyone; Just Yourself.”

Interestingly enough we often try to achieve certain goals for the wrong reasons.  Losing weight is one of those things where most people seem to want to do for the wrong reasons.  They want to lose 20 pounds for their sister’s wedding.  They want to lose weight for a family picture.  They want to lose weight because they are going on a trip to Hawaii, etc.

The only reason to lose weight is because your good health depends on it…and maybe because you want complements from everyone you know.  We all embark on the same journey through different roads when it comes to wight loss.  Our pains will be different, speed of loss will vary from others, reaching our goal will even be at different times, however if you stay true to your journey and accept the road you are on, you will succeed.

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