Resistance Bands Bench Press

Resistance Bands Bench Press
Resistance Bands Bench Press

This exercise can be performed at home

Breathe in through your nose when your arms are in the retracting position and slowly release the air through your mouth as your arms rise.  You should have expelled all the air out when you have fully extended your arms. Breathe in through your nose deeply and slowly on the way down.

BENEFITS: Stronger, bigger chest REPS: One Minute (Cardiomuscular™ system)

Resistance Bands Bench Press
Resistance Bands Bench Press
  1. Run a resistance band under the legs of the upper side of a bench (where your head lies).
  2. Attach handles. Rest your arms with your elbows bent and out to your side, chest level.
  3. Lie flat on bench with your feet touching the ground. Abs drawn in. Neck flat on the bench.
  4. With an underhanded grip, arms at chest level, lift your arms up your arms are perfectly perpendicular with the ground.  DO NOT MAKE SNAP MOVEMENTS.
  5. Lower your arms back down.  KEEP STEADY SLOW MOVEMENT.
  6. Squeeze your chest muscles tightly throughout the complete exercise.  

To ensure perfect form and improve balance, you can lift your knees off the bench and cross your ankles at bench level.  This can only be done with weight resistance that you can handle and with close supervision by a second person.

POSSIBLE DAMAGE FROM INCORRECT LIFTING: Damage to the rotator cuff,lower and upper back pain, neck pain and ligament and tendon damage.

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