Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Most people that want to lose weight start the process with a radical commitment and want to see dramatic results immediately. Very few that engage on the path of weight loss ever think what will happen once they reach their destination.  If you lose the weight that you desire, how are you going to maintain it off?

Most people that want to lose weight start the process with a radical commitment and want to see dramatic results immediately.
Being comfortable with your current weight problem doesn’t mean your health is not in danger

Maintaining a proper weight for your body type and height is one of the most ignored and most significant aspects of those who seek to reduce weight. How you reduce the weight is a key factor on your chances of ever keeping it off. Losing weight is like grabbing a tiger by its tail, once you have it in your possession, you start thinking, how do I control it, so it doesn’t kill me?

Losing weight and keeping it off is 90% more psychological than physical and it should be attacked in that manner.  Work 90% on the mind and 10% on the body.

You give up and are comfortable with your obesity…and the illnesses it brings

Amongst the reasons why people can’t lose weight are:

  • You Are Losing Fat, You Just Don’t Realize It:  Most people that decide to lose weight get involved in some sort of training program or added physical activity.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so the weight loss doesn’t show.  The body is swollen from the physical activity and it doesn’t show the loss right away.  People that want to lose weight are often too impatient and expect miraculous results in a short period of time.
  • You are eating good food that is full of sugar: Most people that go on a weight loss program eat too much fruit that is loaded with sugar.  While sugar from fruit is more beneficial than sugar from candy and cake, it’s still sugar and will impede you from losing weight.
  •   You are in stress mode daily:  Losing weight is a slow process. If one spends 20 years mistreating the body and putting on unwanted weight, they won’t be able to lose it in 2 days, 10 days or 30 days.  Any quick weight loss will call for your body to gain it back with a vengeance. Mentally the stress of constantly trying to be on a diet (and all diets are irrational) makes the body lock up and hold on to unwanted weight.  This is without counting the daily stress of a job, having children or monetary problems.
Drinking alcohol makes losing weight a living nightmare.  The body can’t respond properly under the influence of alcohol.
Alcohol consumption will break down your immune system and make it difficult to lose weight

Drinking destroys your organs

  • You drink alcohol: Drinking alcohol makes losing weight a living nightmare.  The body can’t respond properly under the influence of alcohol.  Alcohol slows down the weight loss process and destroys the ability for the body to process food correctly.
  • You restrict yourself:  Diets involve restrictions that the mind had a very difficult time adapting to.  Restricting foods from your daily nutrition will affect you psychologically and have you thinking about that food 24/7 until you can no longer handle it and you break down and eat junk ten times more than you would if you did not restrict yourself.  The solution is to learn how to combine your foods, so your body gets the proper nutrients and is able to digest foods properly and dispose of unwanted junk instead of storing it in your fat cells.
  • You are not eating real food:  Food that is chemically processed or enhanced is not recognized properly by your digestive system and ends up being stored in your fat cells.  The chemicals in that food eventually break down and trickle throughout your system destroying vital organs and crippling the ability for the body to function correctly.  Bleach, rocket fluid, embalming fluid, antifreeze, etc. are some of the chemicals used by food manufacturers for food preservation, so read ingredient labels.

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