How Your Workout Program is Killing You


Understanding the value of rest and recuperation is the key to muscle growth. One must make sure that they don’t stress their system out through workouts to the point that it is almost impossible to recuperate in a short period of time. 

Because most workouts are designed to break down, stress out, wear out and constantly “max out” the body, most people start, peak-out, and quit in a very short period of time.  

Understand The Real Purpose For Working Out 

Most of us decide to work out for the wrong purposes, e.g.: “I need to lose weight for my sister’s wedding next month”; “I want to fit in my new jeans”; “I want to be buff”; “I wanna lift a lot of weight”; etc. 

The Real Purpose Of A Fitness Training Program Is To Work Out To Stay Fit, Strong And To Experience A Better Quality Of Life. ™ – Hector Sectzer 

Longevity in the fitness area of your life will only be experienced if the decision to work out is the correct one. The real purpose of a fitness training program is to work out to stay fit, strong and to experience a better quality of life. Weight loss, toned and firmer bodies, better digestion, better-looking skin, less stress, etc., are merely the positive side effects of proper work outs designed to keep you healthier and happier.

People Workout for A couple Of Hours A Day Just For Bragging Rights 

People workout for extensive periods of time because they believe that the more time they spend at the gym, the healthier they’ll get. However all they get out of it is bragging rights and a future of damaged tendons, joints, and ligaments. Working out is a science that should be taken seriously and carefully.

Today as well as in past 25 years people go to the gym to work out without paying attention to their form, their grip, correct breathing, concentration, focus, and rate of velocity of each repetition. 

It’s way To Easy to Injure Yourself During Training…So Do It Right 

Unfortunately even working out incorrectly will give you incredible results, however along with those results one inherits a life of pain, injury, and restrictive movement. 

Our bodies undergo an Increased Period of Positive Results during Fitness workouts, or I.P.P.R. ™- Hector Sectzer 

The “Increased Period Of Positive Results” During Fitness Workouts Or I.P.P.R.: A Period Of Time Where The Body Achieves Maximum Positive Physical Results From Steady Muscle Movement And Tension 

Hector Sectzer

This period of I.P.P.R. usually lasts for the average person an average of 15 minutes. That 15-minute period of time is referred to as M.R.E.R. (The maximum results to effort ratio).

Workouts that continue after that period of time cause the body to begin a downward spiraling effect with increasingly negative results to the body.

In essence we are dealing with a very short “Window to Create Ultimate Physical Benefits.”  So understanding and knowing how to do your workouts correctly and what your Limitations are is a key to keep healthy throughout your workouts and beyond.