How To Overcome Quitting Fitness

If you have trained before several times but always end up quitting, here are some tips that might help you stay on track with your fitness and avoid quitting all together.

  1. Don’t try training like a professional athlete.
How To Overcome Quitting Fitness
How To Overcome Quitting Fitness
  1. Overcome the obsession of trying to do everything in one workout or you don’t feel like you worked out.
  2. Start by just doing one body part, three sets of 15 reps and interchange light cardio between sets.
  3. Stretch after your workout.
  4. Don’t spend more than 20 minutes to half hour in the gym.
  5. Do each rep with undeniable perfection.
  6. Every week change exercises.
  7. Make your training light and fun.
  8. Once a week do a hard workout.
  9. Eat right.  Eat only food.  Eat any food you want as long as it is “real food” sugar loaded foods, chemically induced and refined products are not food… they are junk.

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