Can Walking Be a Workout?

Developing a workout routine is an individual task. Depending on where your body conditioning is at the time you decide to ‘get in shape’ the workout routine will vary.


Make your initial introduction to fitness a happy and healthy one.  Start slow, learn which exercise is good for and how to perform it correctly.  Understand how to grip, breathe, concentrate, the proper velocity of the actual repetitions, how to cycle your workouts, etc.  Make sure you combine your workouts with some light cardio.


You are carrying a lot of extra weight and sudden, jarring rapid movements can damage your internal organs and joints.  I would suggest that you do some correct walking.  When I say correct walking, I am referring to some simple errors we commit when walking.

  1. Walk hill to toe.
  2. Do not pound your heels into the ground when you walk.
  3. Keep a straight posture.
  4. Don’t walk with a stiff leg for it will damage your knees.
  5. Walk in a straight path with both your legs.  Stepping slightly to the outside of your knees as you move forward will damage your knees.
  6. Be extra careful when you start getting tired, because that when we lose concentration and make all the mistakes mentioned above.
Can Walking Be a Workout?
Can Walking Be a Workout?
  1. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Your nose is the only filtering device you have for air intake.  If it is more comfortable to breathe in and out through your nose that will work too.
  2. Don’t breathe in through your mouth, because you can hyperventilate and the air intake will hit directly into your longs and if it’s too cold or too hot, you will have a greater difficulty finishing your walking correctly.
  3. Make the experience fun so you’ll do it again.
  4. Try to do at least 5,000 steps each day to begin with.

Besides the walking get on a correct nutritional program so you stop eating addicting processed foods that will sabotage your health.  As you start losing weight, slowly integrate additional exercises, especially if you want to keep your muscles and bones strong.

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