Why Your Vitamins Won’t Work For You


  • An unhealthy diet can render vitamins as well as doctors prescribed medicines useless.
  • The first step in having supplements work for you is a healthy diet.
  • The second step is the correct SUPPLEMENTATION. 
  • taken makes 100% difference on the results one gets.  The article does not specify the type of multi-vitamins taken by those individuals tested.
An unhealthy diet can render vitamins as well as doctors prescribed medicines useless.
The Type of Vitamin And The Coating Of Such Vitamin Makes A big Difference on The type of results You’ll Get
  • In many cases is almost impossible to allow for your stomach acids to dissolve the pill.  Fillers in a lot of cases render the actual vitamin useless.  Additives in capsules can totally change the chemical reaction of a vitamin in your system. There’s a standard “Urban Legend” that tells of a City worker that worked for the Sewer and Water department of a large city in the USA  who shared with his neighbors and friends that one of the most recognizable objects that come out of the sewer waters by the thousands is a “One a Day” vitamin.  “They come out the same shape and color as they go in”.  Is this a myth or fact? Find out for yourself.
  • A lot of vitamins people take do not provide or are below the Minimum Daily Requirement (MDR).  Please  read labels when you purchase vitamins.
The first step in having supplements work for you is a healthy diet.
Good Nutrition is the First Step to Good health
  • Is just that, “minimum” but it does not take into account the many variables that a particular person undergoes that make the “minimum” totally ineffective (e.g. stress, lack of sleep, eating habits, drinking, stressful workouts, etc.) The idea is to take what you need for what your particular body requires. F.I.T.™ will show you how to assess that and satisfy your body needs. 
  • It is important to understand that looking for theONE PILL OR POTION that will “cure all” is self-defeating.  One must learn their particular body to be able to determine what will work for them or not. 

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