Why is it Harder to Lose Weight as We Get Older?

Research suggests, that although it is possible to lose weight at any age, several factors make it harder to lose weight with age. Even those who remain active lose muscle mass every decade beginning in their 30s, replacing it with fat.

While research might be correct in that assessment, we need to keep in mind some of the issues that make losing weight harder as we get older:

* Depending on your age, you have trained your body for at least 20 years on staying fat and out of shape.

* Depending on your age, you have likely trained your mind for at least 20 years to accept staying fat and out of shape.

* If you had or have the bad habits of alcohol drinking and smoking, you are depleting your system with the tools to help you lose weight. * Most people want to lose weight but still want to eat chemically processed foods.

* Most people want to lose weight too quickly and take dangerous measures to do so, breaking their system down and making it more difficult to actually lose the weight.

* Most people refuse to do a lifestyle change and just want a quick solution to weight loss.

* Most people don’t understand nutrition and the importance of ingesting macros with every meal.

* Most people eat so much junk that their taste buds no longer work properly, and they can’t taste foods unless they are loaded with sugars, salt or addicting chemicals.

* Some people have been on so many diets and yoyoing from weight loss to weight gain so often, that the body goes on emergency lock down not knowing if there’s a life-threatening situation and stores everything you eat.

So, to summarize, depending on how badly you have been treating your body throughout the years is how fast or how slow your body will respond to weight loss.

Additionally it’s important to include a lifestyle change when you decide to lose weight and keep it off, giving the body the proper nutrients to allow for a burning process and healthy weight loss.

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