Why Fat Can Emulsify Fat or Make You Fatter

A food product can contain a significant percentage of trans-fat and still claim “0%” on the label.  The law is not on the side of the consumer.

Our bodies have no choice, essential fatty acids are vital to every metabolic function in the body.  The body will get the quantity of essential fatty acids that it needs to sustain life, no matter what. Hunger will not stop until you do.

Our bodies have no choice, essential fatty acids are vital to every metabolic function in the body
Fish Can Help You Control your Cravings

If you are consuming lots of saturated fats, you WILL become fat, because saturated fats contain only small quantities of the polyunsaturated fats with essential fatty acids needed for the body to survive, however a certain amount of saturated fat is essential for proper brain function.

One key element to being thin and remaining so, is to consume foods containing large amounts of polyunsaturated oils. (Amongst many others, those foods include fish, olives, nuts, and egg yolks.)  Over the long term, those foods reduce your sense of hunger and uncontrollable cravings.

Note:   While oil and fat are both lipids, they have different chemical structures.  Fats, in hard form are always saturated and dangerous to the body, even though they can be liquefied.  Liquefied saturated fat is just as dangerous as in solid form.  While one can easily tell the difference between hard fat and oils, the trick is to be able to tell the difference between oils that are saturated because they have been melted from fat and oils that are naturally unsaturated and healthy for the body.  How to tell the difference between saturated fats, unsaturated oils and trans-fats is by temperature:

  • A “Fat” is a lipid that is solid at room temperature, such as the white fat from meat.
  • An “Oil” is a lipid that is liquid at room temperature, such as olive oil.
  • Trans-fats are a semi-solid at room temperature, like Crisco.
While oil and fat are both lipids, they have different chemical structures
Olives contain a large amount of polyunsaturated oil

…you will find that foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils, additives, preservatives, fillers, dyes and who knows what else are not made for human consumption.

Most partially hydrogenated oil is partially hydrogenated soybean oil.  Soybean oil depresses the thyroid, which lowers your energy levels, makes you lethargic, makes you feel less like exercising, and its consumption continues to make you fatter.

Partially hydrogenated oils and saturated fats will make you gain weight by making you consume even more fat to get the essential unsaturated fatty acids you need. However partially hydrogenated fats not only produce disease over long term, but they interfere with the body’s ability to ingest and utilize the good fats, or unsaturated fats!   The result? Your Metabolism Slows…

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