What about “supplements”?

While I believe that “supplements” are needed for good nutrition, I don’t believe in people taking vitamins as a form of antidote for eating junk.  Vitamins are food supplements, not trash supplements, and you need “good clean fuel” in your “engine” if you are going to complement it with an additive.  

Vitamins and other supplements are needed when an individual performs activities that burn fuel or break down cells as a “workout” does.  The type of vitamins that you need should be carefully chosen, not by what everyone else tells you or your local vitamin store wants to sell you, but by actually taking a blood test that determines the vitamin content in your system. 

Your doctor can provide this test for you.  From that point on you must listen to your body’s needs to be able to recognize if you need to continue or stop taking vitamins and other supplements to stay in optimal health and shape.   

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