Working Out Or Working Yourself Into Injury And Hospitalization?

Hector Sectzer

I’ve been into fitness and nutrition arena for 56 years. I still train on a regular basis, and I hold several certified qualifications in that realm.

I am 70 years old, look like I am in my 40s, I have strong firm muscles and a six pack, but most importantly, I’m in excellent health. For all those years I have seen hundreds of different exercise programs come and go.

Most of them were in front of the public eye long enough to collect a lot of money and to make people realize that they were getting injured by them, then they were gone. New ones came and went with exact same results. 

Hector Sectzer
Hector Sectzer at 70 Years of Age 

A 70-Year-Old should Look at Least or Better Than This With Proper Nutrition & Training

The reason why this can happen is because many people want instant results, others only get excited when a new program comes into the picture and promises them that they will get the kind of results that they never had before. All of this hype and empty promises are designed in the marketing and advertising room to figure out how to get money out of you before their competition does. 

So I listed a number of things that you should know, your trainer should know and anyone that decides to workout should know to be able to do their fitness routine properly and effectively.

Hector At 70 Years of Age
Hector Sectzer at 70 Years of Age 

You are hurting yourself by working out unless you know the following: 

  • What your sustainable PDR™ is (Point of Diminishing Returns) 
  • How to focus on each exercise 
  • How to concentrate on your muscles when you work out 
  • Know that focus and concentration aren’t the same thing 
  • How to grip your weights correctly 
  • Know what’s the big deal about correct breathing 
  • Know what “laying tracks” while exercising means 
  • Understand how stability enters your training? 
  • Why do you have to worry about foot placement if you are working on your biceps 
  • What magnitude of force should you apply when you are lifting the weights and when you are releasing the repetition 
  • Understand how the angle of the lift affect your training 
  • Know what the best range of motion should be for your exercises 
  • How do you know when you should stop with a training session 
  • Start with this but there are still many more…