Why The Use Of A Lethal Substance?…Because It’s not Illegal

In every supermarket aisle in America, you will find product after product with partially hydrogenated oil, and often in products you would never expect. A Lethal Substance.

This is done because it is cheaper to the manufacturer, because it is allowed and the health of the public never enters into the equation.

The problem is not only that it is not illegal, but the fact that millions of Americans will buy those products.

“Today America is experiencing epidemic levels of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer; we should all pay attention to the common denominator.” ™ Hector Sectzer

Why the use a Lethal Substance It’s not Illegal?

To keep the food manufacturers honest and caring we MUST take action, by not purchasing products we know will cause us illness or death.

Buyers beware”, we as consumers need to set the standards by hurting the manufacturer in THEIR POCKETS.

If we don’t buy bad food… they will not produce it, the food markets will not carry it, and they will be forced to manufacture healthier product choices.

You must be very attentive to food labels. Read carefully, because there is the key to a healthy meal

What happens in restaurants

This goes for restaurants as well, for they should be held accountable by their patrons on what they put in their foods. 

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