Why Am I So Drain All The Time?

The Following Tips on What Might Be Draining Your Energy
Will Help Getting You Back on Track

Why Am I So Drain All The Time?
I’m so drained, I can’t function
  • The number one energy drainer is Stress. Emotions consume a large amount of energy and leave you drained and depressed
  • You are doing too much. Overwork is one of the major causes of fatigue and irritability
  • Lack of sleep. Not getting enough sleep is one of the most common problems people have today. The body can’t possibly function without proper sleep. Not sleeping is like trying to drive your car 100 miles without gasoline.

    Lack of daily motion. Not being active throughout the day will zap your energy. As you noticed I didn’t say exercise, I said active movement. If you sit in front of your computer or on the couch or in front of the TV for long periods of time, you will lose energy, motivation and positive outlook on everything. Many people like to binge on TV shows, sometimes for hours at a time. I have suggested to those people to watch one episode, then get up and walk around the house, stretch of do a couple of push-ups to get the blood flowing and boost the energy level.

Why Am I So Drain All The Time?
Get out and walk to gain needed energy
  • Smoking. I’m not sure if anyone needs to be told anymore of the evils of smoking.  However many people smoke to avoid eating and risk getting cancer or emphysema…or both. Kick That Bad Habit.
Why Am I So Drain All The Time?
Smoking will manage your health and drain your system

Eating when you are tired. A lot of people eat to regain energy. The problem with that is that usually what gives you temporary energy is junk food (sweets and greasy food).  However that energy lasts a short time and you have to eat again. Now not are you only defeating the purpose of having more energy, but you are twice as tired, twice as fat, twice as depressed and totally addicted. Do not use food to elevate when you are exhausted, think, drink some cold water, strategize and get rest. 

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