Why 2 out of 3 Americans Are Overweight or Obese

Two Out Of Three Americans Are Fat Or Obese
Two Out Of Three Americans Are Fat Or Obese

Facts On Obesity And Weight Problems

*Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Education Reform Committee on Education and the United States House of Representatives Workforce “The Obesity Crisis in America” Statement of Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S. U.S. Public Health Service Acting Assistant Secretary for Health Department of Health and Human Services.

** Kid’s Health Magazine, (The Nemours Foundation) Reviewed by Mary L. Gavin, MD, February 2009.

F.I.T. ™ will offer a solution to these problems with a proven 15-minute workout coupled with the right nutrition and clinically tested and proven leading-edge Nanoceutical formulated with Nootropic technology backed by reputable doctors science, and practitioners.  

Nootropics: Are cognitive technology that act like an enhancer to play a vital part in our daily nutrition even in healthy individuals.  These supplements may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in both unhealthy and healthy individuals so they can function at their utmost peak performance.

Nanoceuticals:  Nanotechnology is the science of reducing particles to 100 nanometers or less, which can optimize compounds to be far easily digested.  Our proprietary formulations enhance the body’s response to our nutrient rich and quick acting serum delivering energy and clarity to the brain so that you can snap back from nebulous into life instantly!

Today The Unhealthy Elderly Are at Mortal Risk
Today The Unhealthy Elderly Are at Mortal Risk

The end results of the F.I.T. ™ System will positively address sleeping and weight problems, depression, nervous conditions, stress, skin inflammations, panic attacks, and other conditions.  Most of these conditions have been further compounded by heavily advertised over the counter stimulants and the ease of doctor prescribed medicines that are designed to mask symptoms and not correct the fundamental underlying problem.  Visit www.smartnesshealth.com.

With the current events of viruses that seem to attack primarily the elderly, the children and the unhealthy, it’s really important to boost the immune system and heal daily through food.  Eating the right foods on a daily basis and applying some sort of exercise or activity throughout your week may be the difference between life…or death…

Don’t eat poorly because others do and seem to be healthy because…

Everyone is different and we cannot use someone else’s road map to carve our journey on™ Hector Sectzer

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