To Diet Or Not To Diet – Dieting is bad for your mental and physical health

Weight fluctuation brings a host of related side effects that can harm your physical and mental health. Not surprisingly, it has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, nerve trauma and high blood pressure. The psychological impact is equally alarming.

Dieting restricts you from being free of choices.

  • Your brain rejects restrictions and will force you to do just the opposite
  • Dieting puts food on the center and foremost important thing in your life
  • Dieting bypasses your body needs and requirements and teaches you to ignore them
  • Dieting forces your body to store fat
  • Dieting makes you food obsessed
  • Dieting is a punishing journey
  • Dieting causes the body to react negatively (Headaches, irritability, constipation)
  • To diet is to harbor guilt
To Diet Or Not To Diet - Dieting is bad for your mental and physical health
I’m tired of dieting…it doesn’t help

People Eat For The Following Reasons– How To Avoid Eating When You Are:

Stressed – Be aware of what’s stressing you and face it head on.  The worst thing that can happen is when we are blindsided with something, we are totally unaware of.  Do not feel defeated, many failures lead to ultimate success.  Find ways to calm yourself. Try yoga, meditation, soft music, time alone, stretching, or soaking in a hot bath.

Low on energy – Everyone finds themselves with low energy specially if we tend not to take a break from what we are doing every so often.  Shake it off, walk around, try walking around the block, listening to energizing music, or taking a short nap.

To Diet Or Not To Diet - Dieting is bad for your mental and physical health
Are my foods robbing me of all my energy?

Lonely or bored – Make yourself a list of things that you can do when boredom strikes.  Reach out to those that are positive and uplifting or you will be reaching for the refrigerator. Go see a funny movie, or go to the library, or window shopping, or get a massage at the mall, or a nearby park—anywhere there’s people.

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