The Point of Diminishing Returns in Your Workouts

The body has a point in which it no longer benefits from “correct” strength training and becomes dangerously fatigued. For most of us that that point is called the P.D.R.™ and for the average person it maintains positive and healthy for 15 minutes in a workout.

At that point more damage is done to the muscle than the benefits of the exercise itself. Small and stabilizing muscles must be strengthened to be able to increase the P.D.R.™ range to longer than 15 minutes. 

While it is possible and a common practice to go far beyond those 15 minutes bypassing the small stabilizing muscles in a workout and see excellent benefits, the accumulating damage to the joints, tendons and ligaments in the body will eventually and somewhat slowly cripple your movements and put you in a situation where the pain overrides the desire to train and often to live a healthy life.

Cardio Sweats Water Soluble Vitamins & Minerals Out Of Your System
Cardio Sweats Water Soluble Vitamins & Minerals Out Of Your System 

For our lung capacity and strengthening of the heart we increase our tolerance to the exercises by increasing our cardio. While cardio has its benefits it also has its drawbacks.

  • Cardio sweats out too many minerals out of your system. 
  • Cardio usually includes some sort of “impact” workout that damages your ligaments, tendons, and joints in your body. 
  • Elliptical equipment restricts the free movements of your lower body damaging the hips, the feet and irritating the sciatic nerve. 
  • Cardio takes too much of our time. 
  • Cardio wears down the body and affects good posture.
  • When we get tired in a cardio workout, we cannot hold good form and posture and we create future damage to our body.

Rules on The Purpose of Fitness Training

  • Fitness when done properly is designed to prolong the quality of life of a person.  However many factors that normally go ignored actually cause severe damage to the human body. 
  • Fitness should not include grueling workouts with future damaging results. Fitness for the everyday individual is designed to make constant improvements throughout their lives to be able to prolong the strength of the muscles and cardiovascular system and to keep bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons as well as the inner organs from deteriorating from everyday abuse. This type of positive fitness is referred to as the Increased Period of Positive Results or I.P.P.R.™  
    Unfortunately many people feel like if they don’t suffer by the end of a workout or they’re not in some sort of pain shortly after working out, they have not accomplished fitness for that day.
People Feel Like They Need To Exhaust Themselves To Feel Like They Worked out
People Feel Like They Need To Exhaust Themselves To Feel Like They Worked out 
  • Our bodies undergo this Increased Period of Positive Results during Fitness workouts, or I.P.P.R.™ Correct form, breathing, and concentration in a Fitness Program will result in 10 times the rapid growth and the elimination of present and future injuries. 
  • The Point of Diminishing Returns or P.D.R™ is the Window of Ultimate Physical Benefits when it comes to your workout or fitness training. 

“The real purpose of a fitness training program is to work out to stay fit, strong and to experience a better quality of life.”™

Hector Sectzer
  • One of the key elements of correct fitness practices is to have the body perform in Impact Activated Mode (I.A.M.™) which requires maximum concentration, perfect breathing and form.  However The (I.A.M.™) can only be performed for a short period of time before the body exhausts. 
  • The (I.A.M. ™) period can be increased considerably with the correct fitness program, the correct nutrition and the correct mind set.  Define your Window Of Ultimate Physical Benefits™ and stay within your boundaries in your fitness program. More is not better, heavier is not better correct fitness practices are better.