The Magic Pill

A lot of people are looking for the Holy Grail of fitness and weight loss in the form of ONE PILL or ONE DRINK, that will just be the ‘cure all’. And so they die dreaming… Hector Sectzer

The human mind is a very interesting component of the human body. It knows, in most cases what is possible and what is not. What is right and what is wrong, but we keep on searching, because in fact certain impossibilities of today will be the norm in the future.  But can you wait that long?

Maybe that magic pill or drink will become a reality in the future, but in the meantime the suffering and the shame continues, as the population reaches incredible heights of obesity and illnesses.

Losing weight is the first and Smallest step in the overall journey to health and good physical conditioning.The real challenge is keeping the weight off. As challenging is not overcome one illness, but to be able to keep from getting it ever again. 

The Magic Pill
Bring about change one small step at a time

Small steps are one of the keys to success in finding yourself fit and healthy. Eliminate just one vice at a time. Maybe that is white flour, breads or pasta. Maybe diet drinks or any form of carbonated drinks. 

The Magic Pill
Lentil flour pasta

Or maybe it’s not eating red meat all the time. After 15 days of eliminating the first vice move to the next one and once every 15 days to one month eliminate another. Learn how to replace those vices with good nutrition.

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