Side Effects Of The Moving World We Live In Today

Side Effects Of The Moving World We Live In Today
Side Effects Of The Moving World We Live In Today

What are the costs of being part of this fast-moving world? We live under a weight of demands, real and imagined, that are debilitating. We see an alarming increase in stress-related disorders of all kinds for all ages, beginning with elementary school-age children and filtering into adults who are struggling with obesity, depression, anxiety, attention disorders and all kinds of learning disabilities, a list of problems for all ages.

People are too busy to worry about their health….till they become ill

In today’s fast moving world where it is very common for both the male and female to work, people have little time to frequent a health club and spending the time to travel back and forth to the fitness facility, work out, shower, change, and get back to their daily life.  Often this adds additional stress in people’s lives. So people tend to forgo the valuable asset that physical training is to do those things that stress them daily.

Stress, Anxiety
Stress, Anxiety and the path to illness

The busy schedule that most of us follow today blinds us to the fact that most exercises can be done in our own homes with incredible results.

In my postings and my website as well as in my books offered by Amazon, I describe some of the solutions needed by those that are moving too fast to take care of their health.

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