Rules On Body Damage

The body starts breaking down from the moment we are born. The comments “I could eat that much when I was young, now I can’t” or “Doing that exercise didn’t hurt when I was young, now I am too old for that” are basically incorrect statements.
When we are young and “overeat or strain the body beyond its limitations” we are damaging the body. We are breaking down the function of vital organs as well as joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. We just don’t feel the abuse as much.

Rules On Body Damage
Running sport injury leg pain

The correct statement should be “I should have never abused my body by overeating, taking drugs, doing alcohol, lifting too heavy of weights, working out incorrectly, depriving myself of sleep, etc. for every time I did one of those things I was slowly breaking down my body. My body was never able to handle such punishment, but my mind overrode my physical limitations. That damage is the reason for my debilitating condition today”.

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