Oils Kill your Body

Partially Hydrogenated Oils Kill

Consuming partially hydrogenated oils is like breathing cigarette smoke. Consuming partially hydrogenated oils will kill you, slowly, over time, but as surely as you breathe, they will.  And in the meantime, it will make you gradually gain weight to the point of not being able to easily get rid of unsaturated fat in your system!

Why Unsaturated Fats Are Important…

The first thing to understand about is that the essential fatty acids are truly essential in every bodily process you can name:

  • brain cell function
  • nervous system activity
  • hormones and intra-cellular messengers
  • glandular function
  • immune system operation
  • hemoglobin oxygen-transport system
  • cell wall function:
    • passing oxygen into the cell
    • passing nutrients into the cell
    • keeping foreign bodies out of the cell
    • digestive-tract operation
    • assimilating nutrients
    • blocking out allergens
Oils that kill

Essential fatty acids (contained mostly in polyunsaturated oils) are the most important nutrients there are for the body.  While vitamins, minerals, or even proteins are important to the system, essential fatty acids are far more important and essential for the wellbeing of the body, for without them life cannot exist.  Essential fatty acids are the substance and foundation of the energy life.

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