No One Should Follow a Regime that Has the Word DIE in it, Such as DIEts


No one should ever be on a diet 

  • Diets restrict vital vitamins and minerals from keeping your system healthy. 
  • Stress from dieting can even damage vital organs in your system. 
  • Diets give the brain a “I can’t have therefore I will” feeling, causing stress and anxiety. 
  • Diets lead to failure, depression, bad moods, and eventual illnesses. 
  • Only 5% of the people that go on diets actually succeed in keeping the weight off. 

Do not count calories 

  • Counting calories makes simple eating and good nutrition complicated and confusing. 
  • Counting calories will allow for foods with chemicals, additives, preservatives, and food coloring to be ingested in your daily nutrition. 
  • Counting calories does not consider the needed vitamins and minerals needed for your body to keep healthy. 
  • Counting calories adds unneeded stress to your daily routine. 
  • Counting calories makes your brain feel like you need to be punished for staying healthy. 

How You Influence Your Mind to Damage Your Body 

Listen To Your Body and It Will Be Good To You 

The body… how it communicates to stay alive 

  • The body is constant and predictable. 
  • The body asks for nutrients to survive, not for food by name. 
  • The body has no knowledge of taste, smell, or flavor of a particular meal or food. 
  • The body only asks for nutrients to balance a particular deficiency in your system. 
  • The body “never lies.” 
  • The body has a need to be nutritionally balanced. 
  • The body deals with the “possible’ while the mind handles the “impossible”. 
  • The body will accept any and all commands by the mind, regardless of its apparent damage. 
  • There is no possible way to be successful in a nutritional program unless the mind has been influenced to accept it.