My Weight Is Out Of Control…What Do I Do Now?

My Weight is out of Control…What do I do Now?


One of the pit falls of eating is what I call “reward meals.”  We get involved in a project whether it is physical or mental, which takes us hours or a great deal of effort and as we get exhausted by the task, the first thing our minds trigger in our thoughts is “I can’t wait to eat.”  Being hungry never comes into play, because you are rewarding yourself for doing something that was either tedious, hard mentally or physically, it took too long to complete or there was some sort of adversity in it, etc.

WHAT DO I DO? When a “reward meal” thought is sent to your body by your mind, the first thing we must take into account is what the body wants and what the body needs.


The question always arises “How can I stop my cravings?”  The only time you will stop having cravings is when they are dead!  Under a proper nutritional program cravings are the “body” asking you for nutrients to be able to operate normally.  The problem is that most of us are not in tune with our body enough to understand what it is that the body is asking.  We turn to our minds to respond to the “body needs.”  Cravings are needed because it is the only sign the body has to ask for proper nutrition. 

WHAT DO I DO?  When a craving arises, we need to be aware of whether the craving is a mind craving or a body craving.  Keeping in mind that the “mind” should always be held suspect and “the body never lies” we need understand the very important difference between a “true craving” (body craving) or a “craving activated by outside influences” (mind craving).

My Weight Is Out Of Control
My Weight Is Out Of Control


A master craving is a craving that can’t be denied.  Such craving is so deep rooted in your mind, that your mind WILL not allow you to override it.  When we are hit with a “Master Craving” we attempt to replace the MC with other foods, water, juice, food, more food and more, more, more food, or whatever replacement our minds can think of.  However we WILL eventually succumb to the craving and not only eat one piece of the MC, but in often cases eat an abundance of it on top of all other foods we tried to replace it with.  So now we not only overeat, but we also overeat an abundance of junk food.

WHAT DO I DO?  The first thing to do is:

  • Do not deny your mind of your craving
  • Face your ‘demon’ the master craving by actually putting that food in front of you and divide it into several small portion.
  • Eat one of those portions slowly savoring it.
  • Tell yourself that you can have the rest any time you wish.

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