Many People Believe That Everything Is Polluted on Earth So Why Bother Trying to Eat Healthy.

There are many people that because crops are sprayed with chemicals
Your body doesn’t need abuse on top of daily pollution.

There are many people that because crops are sprayed with chemicals, the ground on which fruits and vegetables are grown is contaminated, the air quality is poor, the water we drink is of poor quality, etc., then why should they even attempt to eat healthy and even attempt to stay healthy.

While all those statements are true, we must understand a few key elements to staying healthy:

• The body is the most resilient machine ever created; however it must be properly maintained to be able to successfully live a long healthy life. Just like an automobile needs care, the body needs care.

You can ask yourself, why should I drive a car when gasoline is so expensive, the roads are in such bad shape, people drive like idiots, replacement parts are so expensive, I have to change the oil, change the spark plugs, replenish the power steering fluid, make sure the radiator always has water, etc. And even if I do that some idiot can blindside me and destroy the car. However there’s cars that when properly taken care of last 20, 30 40 years or more and become a collector’s item and sell for a very expensive price.

• The body adapts to certain circumstances and minor negative elements as long as it has a way to recuperate, as you don’t spend all day outside sucking bad air. You get enough sleep on a daily basis, you eat healthy food that replenish needed nutrients the body needs to expel impurities and work properly, you don’t get plastered on drugs and/or alcohol crippling the inner organs of the body, etc.

o one is 100% clean and free of pollutants or impurities
Know your body.

No one is 100% clean and free of pollutants or impurities, and no one should otherwise they would have to live enclosed in a bubble. The body can clean process impurities as long as it’s not attacked by them 24/7. Eating properly, drinking alkaline water, reading ingredient labels on food that you purchase, getting plenty of rest, and keeping physically active will help the body ward off illnesses that could cripple your life or live a poor and painful quality of life.

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