If You Refuse to Remain Ignorant of The Chemicals in Your Food…You’re a Drug Addict

Chemical in food

There is a massive reluctance by people to actually read ingredient labels in the packages of foods that they buy.  Unfortunately the elderly that keep on eating the same brand of food that they did 50 years ago are not aware of the fact that today’s food is not the same as it was then. There were no chemicals in the foods then, so the main damage for most people when it came to food what’s more likely a portion control issue. Today the trickery and sophistication of the processing in the food has made the nutrition game comparable to walking through a land mine. 

While it would seem completely absurd that food manufacturers would even think of putting harmful substances in foods, they do it at a rampant pace. Read Ingredient Labels.  “Cost cutting”, prolonged shelf life, stimulants, product appearance, “increased profit,” etc. makes companies integrate harmful substances in your food that if used for a prolonged period of time will break down your healthy system and be the cause for grave illnesses, and even early death. 

chemical addiction
Chemicals In The Food Make You As Much Of A Drug Addict As This Picture 

Ingredient Labels 

The manufacturers end game It’s not to kill you, I suppose not right away, but to make their food last on the shelves for longer period of time to avoid spoilage and loss of revenue. Unfortunately the end result of this can cause those who eat their food inherit serious illnesses and even death 

Companies can put anything permitted by the government into your food.  The government approves certain substances without knowledge of what effect their long-term use will cause a human body. Therefore, damage is first done to the consumer then the government steps in and bans such substances.  As an example, DDT and Thalidomide were just two “approved” products that were subsequently banned after their damaging long-term effects became known.