How Many of You Reading This Article Eat Only Food?

Ingredient Labels
Ingredient Labels

When choosing what to eat we must take into account the following 

While packaged or canned food normally have three labels, there’s only one label that is important enough to make you to pick up that package or can. After you read that one, you can determine if you need to read the other two, or just put the item back on the shelf.

Product Labels
Read Ingredient Labels…In The Long Run It Will Save Your Life 


This label is the front label of the product which you normally find facing you on the aisles of the supermarket. Clever and innovative marketing practices normally make this label enticing enough that a person almost wants to eat the box and not what’s inside of it. This label is of little importance unless the key label on the box or can that I’m referring to meets be correct qualifications. 


The second label and just as unimportant as the first is the label that reads “nutritional value.”  This label as the name says gives you a detail of the type of nutrition the food inside of the can or box contains, such as vitamins, protein, fat, calories, etc. this label only becomes important and factual if label #3 meets the correct qualifications. 


This third label is the most important label on any food product.  This particular label tells you about the actual ingredients inside the package of the food that you’re trying to purchase. Rule #1 if you don’t understand the ingredient, it’s most likely not a food item. Buy only food that ingredients in it have no chemicals additives preservatives and excess sugar.

How to avoid eating junk food when you think you’re buying nutritional food

  • Read ingredient labels to insure proper nutrition. 
  • If you spot bad ingredients in food labels, Don’t buy it. 
  • Understand killer ingredients in your food. 
  • Understand what foods to stay away from. 
  • Understand GMO’s and their effect on the body. 
  • If you are not “regular” and your system is not eliminating waste twice to three times a day, waste is accumulating and rotting in your lower colon. 
  • Understand how heat affects your food. 
  • Understand what oils to use in the kitchen.