Herbs, Uses and Benefits -the “M Through N” list Alphabetically from Maca to Nettle

I have listed a series of Herbs that start with the letters “M through N” from Maca to Nettle, to make it easy for you to find the Herb you’re looking for quickly.  

Recommended for bladder infection, digestive upsets, fluid retention, headache, intestinal disorders
Marshmallow is recommended for bladder infection, digestive upsets, fluid retention and headache

Please check with your family physician before taking any herb to see if it is safe for you or if there are any possible “reactions” or “interactions” with any prescribed medication, or other supplementation that you may be taking.  Pregnant women or those breast feeding should be extremely careful before taking any herbs during the pregnancy and while breastfeeding to avoid complications before, during, and after childbirth. 

Maca – Increases energy and supports the immune system. Good for anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, impotence, menopausal symptoms, and menstrual problems.  

Macela – Acts as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral and antiparasitic. Stimulates and supports the immune system. Good for gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders. Useful in treating cancer, Chrohn’s disease, colds and flu, diabetes, menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms, muscle aches and spasms. 

Marshmallow – Recommended for bladder infection, digestive upsets, fluid retention, headache, intestinal disorders, kidney problems, sinusitis. sore throat. Soothes and heals skin, mucous membranes, and other tissues, externally and internally. 

Meadowsweet – Tightens tissue and promotes elimination of excess fluid. Reduces inflammation and strengthens and tones the system. Good for colds, flu, nausea, digestive disorders, muscle cramps and aches and diarrhea.  

Mustard Improves digestion and fat metabolism
Mustard Improves digestion and fat metabolism. Recommended externally for chest congestion

Milk Thistle – Antioxidant (prevents free radical damage, protects the liver). Recommended for: kidneys, adrenal disorders, inflammatory bowel disorders, weakened immune system, liver disorders (such as jaundice and hepatitis, psoriasis). Contains potent liver protecting substances. Stimulates production of new liver cells and prevents formation of damaging leukotrienes. 

Mullein – Laxative, painkiller, and sleep aid. Recommended for: asthma, bronchitis, difficulty in breathing, earache, hay fever, swollen glands. Used in kidney formulas to soothe inflammation. Gets rid of warts. 

Mustard – Improves digestion and fat metabolism. Recommended (externally) for: chest congestion, inflammation, injuries, joint pain. CAUTION: Can be irritating directly applied to skin. 

Myrrh – Antiseptic. Disinfectant. Deodorizer. Fights mouth bacteria. Recommended for: bad breath, periodontal disease, skin disorders, and ulcers. 

Nettle – Diuretic, expectorant, pain reliever, tonic. Recommended for: anemia, arthritis, hay fever and other allergic disorders, kidney problems, malabsorption syndrome, goiter, inflammatory conditions, mucous conditions of the lungs. 

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