Choline And The Heart

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Benefit #7: Gene Expression

There are characteristics that are unique to individuals in a family, and ultimately in every individual. These characteristics are passed down from the parents and are carried by the genes inherited from the mother and the father. This process occurs following conception and development of the fetus.

Choline And The Heart
Choline And The Genes

For gene expression to occur without degradation, the DNA must be conserved in order to replicate without damage. A choline derivative called betaine is essential for this process. Betaine helps in the production of methylation enzymes, which are responsible for gene expression. Adequate choline intake is, therefore, necessary during pregnancy. Otherwise, without it, and by extension without betaine, methylation enzymes would not be provided for the process of gene expression in the developing fetus.

Benefit #8: Heart Health

Better cardiovascular health is another benefit of choline. An excessive amount of the amino acid homocysteine, produced mainly from the breakdown of meats, is associated with several cardiovascular diseases including coronary artery disease. People on a typical diet containing high amounts of meats are likely to have a correspondingly high homocysteine level. This exposes them to circulatory problems.

Choline And The Heart
Choline And The Heart

Fortunately, provided their diets contain adequate amounts of choline, excessive amounts of homocysteine can be broken down into another amino acid known as methionine. Methionine is an essential amino acid with powerful antioxidant properties. Its other roles include support of the immune function, lipid metabolism, synthesis of proteins, and DNA.

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