Chemicals Make Love To The Body

Chemicals excite the body, make love to the body, just like any drug.  Eating food with chemicals in it is like making love with someone with a venereal disease, you might have a great time making love, but several months later you pay the price. 

Acknowledgement is the first step for recovery in any addiction, alcohol, sex, street drugs, doctor’s prescribed drugs, pain, etc.  If you are extremely heavy or obese, face your addiction, acknowledge it and start steps towards eliminating it.

Chemicals Make Love To The Body
Chemicals Make Love To The Body

Read ingredient labels, control portion intake, listen to your body, find some kind of mild activity daily (walking will do), create a support system, fight the control your mind has over your desires of food.  This won’t be easy, you will experience withdrawals, pain, anxiety etc. but eventually you’ll emerge a winner.

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