Allergies And Intolerances To Whey

Whey protein causes digestive disturbances and bloating in people who are lactose intolerant. Do not use whey protein if you are lactose intolerant. There have been no allergies or intolerances associated with hemp and hemp protein.

The Definition and side effects of lactose intolerance have been described as following:

The inability to fully digest sugar (lactose) in dairy products. Lactose intolerance is usually caused by a deficiency of an enzyme in the body called lactase. Symptoms can include abdominal cramps, bloating, and diarrhea. Treatment focuses on avoidance of dairy products, use of lactose-free products, or the use of lactase supplements.

Whey protein causes digestive disturbances and bloating in people who are lactose intolerant
Slow Proteins Should Be Taken With Your Last Meal

When and How Should whey protein Be Taken?

Protein powder can really be taken any time of the day depending on what your end goal is.  It’s not a good idea to replace “food” with powdered protein, however as a supplementation it’s ideal.  .

What Are The best Usages For Powdered Protein?

  • Whey protein powder is most ideal in your POST workout meal. Immediately before and/or during your workout is ideal as well if needed or preferred.
  • Casein protein powder is most ideal in your last meal before bed.
  • Hemp protein powder is most ideal in your last meal before bed.
  • Whey combined with other foods, casein by itself, or a whey/casein blend is all pretty much equally ideal as a protein source for any of your regular meals at any other times of the day.

What’s The best Way To Take Powdered Protein?

  1. Follow the package instructions as to how many scoops you need to take to get the amount of protein desired. 
  2. Do not over consume powdered protein, for you run the chance that it will stick in the pockets of your lower colon and harden.  So make sure you eat enough roughage when you take the powdered protein of choice.
  3. Add the desired liquid (water, milk, fruit juice, etc.) to a drinking glass or large enough container to get the desired thickness and taste.
  4. As an option you can add blended fruit or vegetables as desired.
  5. Mix for desired consistency.
  6. Drink your protein shake.
Pay attention not to add too much sugar in the mixture for it will give you energy for a couple hours but then you’ll have a “sugar crush” and be exhausted
Fast Proteins Are Best Taken After Workouts

Pay attention not to add too much sugar in the mixture for it will give you energy for a couple hours but then you’ll have a “sugar crush” and be exhausted.  Any liquid is technically fine to mix with your shake as long as they are a positive addition to your daily nutritional program. 


As for the best protein powder brand, it all comes down to quality, taste, and price.  I would shop for product and nutrient quality rather than price.  Make sure you shop around once you find the protein that best suits you for the same protein can vary greatly in price from store to store. 


Based on all of this, here is what I personally use and fully recommend…

Whey, Casein or Hemp:   Do your research.  Get protein powders without additives or preservatives.  Don’t sacrifice efficiency for taste; you can always use natural fruit juices to make the protein taste better.  Don’t be swayed by advertising or unrealistic promises.

Where To Buy It:  As for where to buy them, use your internet and you’ll be able to research several sites where these products can be obtained.  Read the labels before purchasing and make sure the company is trustworthy and order a small amount first to test them out.

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