22 Warning Signs Your Vitamins Aren’t Going to Work

“Vitamins don’t work if you use them improperly, actually nothing works if used improperly so you must educate yourself on proper usage and realistic expectations.” Hector Sectzer


22 Warning Signs Your Vitamins Aren’t Going to Work

  1. The label boasts more than 100 percent of the US RDA
  2. The pitch sounds too good to be true
  3. The bottle doesn’t have a legit seal of approval
  4. Celebrity endorsement is the only endorsement
  5. You count on your multivitamin
  6. You take the label too literally
  7. The doses are too low
  8. You don’t follow the label instructions
  9. Your pills are filled with junk
  10. Key ingredients are missing
  11. The supplements are too pretty
  12. You’re storing them incorrectly
  13. They’re expired
  14. They are made outside the country
  15. You don’t take them in the right combination
  16. The label claims a top-secret blend
  17. You take supplements in dangerous combinations
  18. You put too much trust in the process
  19. You’re not using an MD-approved brand
  20. You don’t need what you are taking
  21. It’s a gummy
  22. It’s the right vitamin in the wrong form
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