Why Are We Allowing Others To Poison Us And Our Children?

We as a society are giving the food manufacturers and processers a “license to kill…us” Therefore we need to make some huge changes in who we trust. Food that doesn’t move from the supermarket shelves is automatically removed and returned to the food manufacturer. If we as a group throughout all of America start reading labels and leaving chemically processed foods on the shelves, the game of using poisons in foods will quickly change.

Why Are We Allowing Others To Poison Us And Our Children?
The choice of eating “only real food” is yours

There is plenty of manufacturers of organic foods in every city and State of the United States to choose from. Currently most supermarkets have an organic section that will carry what you love to eat without chemicals. If the issue is cost, adjusting the portions that we consume would fix that problem, since organic foods carry 100% of the vitamins and minerals that they contain without being destroyed by chemical processing. 

Why Are We Allowing Others To Poison Us And Our Children?
Don’t allow your nutritional environment to become toxic

Additives, preservatives, coloring, bleaching, hormones and other junk that doesn’t belong in our foods destroy most of the vitamins and minerals in our foods and we end up having to eat 3 to 4 times as much to satisfy the body needs for nutrition and that’s not even taking into account the addicting chemicals processed in our foods by the manufacturers.  Plastic packaging, faulty packaging, early harvesting and the ultimate problem of getting sick with diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, lung problems, cancer, etc. adds to the motivating factor of changing our eating habits and stopping food manufacturers from feeding us poisons. 

“We need to get to a point wherE WE don’t take for granted what food manufacturers tells us IS IN their food and read for ourselves the ingredient labels. It is our responsibility to stop ingesting poisons through our foods.”

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