What does the body want and how do we satisfy that without allowing the mind to interfere is the question that needs to be resolved

Rules on Diets Nutritional Programs: 

  • No one should ever be on a diet. 
  • Diets restrict vital vitamins and minerals from your system. 
  • Diets stress can even damage vital organs in your systems. 
  • Diets give the brain an “I can’t have therefore I will” feeling. 
  • Diets lead to failure, depression, bad moods, and eventual illnesses. 
  • Only 5% of the people that go on diets actually succeed in keeping the weight off. 
Diets restrict vital vitamins and minerals from your system. 
Diets don’t have to be just lettuce and carrots to lose weight
  • Do not count calories 
  • Counting calories makes simple eating and good nutrition complicated and confusing. 
  • Counting calories will allow for foods with chemicals, additives, preservatives and food coloring to be ingested in your daily nutrition. 
  • Counting calories does not take into account the needed vitamins and minerals required for your body to keep healthy. 
  • Counting calories adds unneeded stress to your daily routine. 
  • Counting calories makes your brain feel like you are being punished just to stay healthy. 

Food is an item described as something that can be ingested and which will be easily and properly digested, carrying necessary nutrients to the human body. So Eat Only Food: 

Do not count calories 
Avoid the stress and pressure of counting calories

When choosing what to eat we must take into account the following: 

  • Read labels to insure proper nutrition. 
  • Spotting bad ingredients in food labels 
  • Understand ingredients in your food “that damage your health.” 
  • What foods to stay away from. 
  • GMO’s and their effect on the body. 
  • If you are not “regular” and your system is not eliminating waste twice to three times a day, waste is accumulating and rotting in your lower colon. 
  • How heat affects your food. 
  • What oils to use in the kitchen. 
  • Which fats kills. 
  • What accelerates the aging process in the foods you eat. 
  • Stress of foods on the digestive system. 
  • Recognize the signals your body sends you to tell your brain that you just ate bad food. 
  • How to combine your foods to accelerate weight loss. 

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