Nutrition in our Foods

Everyone is different, and we cannot use someone else’s road map to carve our journey on. ™ Hector Sectzer

Nutritive Foods… Healthy Foods… Not Chemicals

“Diet… the ultimate four-letter word.  No one should be on a diet.  No one should be restricted from anything they want to eat and if the food manufacturers would be fair and only sell ‘proper’ food without additives, preservatives, chemicals, fillers, coloring, etc. then we could all play the “fair” game of nutrition.” ™ Hector Sectzer

If I was to serve you embalming fluid as a drink, would you drink it?  If I was to serve you a cup of bleach as refreshment, would you drink it?  How about candles as a snack?  Think twice before you say NO… because you are ingesting these items daily.


Most of us have trouble comprehending that vitamins are “supplements, not a cure all.”  Try putting tomato soup as fuel in your automobile’s gas tank and then use the best fuel additive in the market and see if that automobile can run properly.  Vitamins don’t work if you use them improperly; actually nothing works if used improperly so you must educate yourself on proper usage and realistic expectations.  People eat garbage and believe that vitamins will keep them healthy.

We don’t find ourselves forcing fuel in the tank of your car when the tank is full.  If there’s no need for nutrition, there should be no need to eat. – Hector Sectzer

Eating is not a form of entertainment.  Eating should be done when we need it because we are hungry, and while we should enjoy what we eat by preparing foods that excite and satisfy our palate, unconscious eating behaviors need to be modified so if there’s no need for nutrition, there should be no need to eat.  Eating when there’s no need equates to forcing fuel in the gas tank of your car when the tank is full.

Nutrition Foods
Nutrition Foods

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