It’s time to get rid of this quarantine and never go back to it again

I made this video because it is about time that people take matters into their own hands when it comes to health. This whole virus craziness could have been avoided with simply refusing to eat the garbage food that food manufacturers are putting on packaged goods. Let’s take control and avoid being in this position ever again. Let’s strengthen our immune systems and avoid being treated like convicted felons.

It’s time to get rid of this quarantine and never go back to it again

Unfortunately we rely on others, like food manufacturers, to make sure that we get the correct nutrients our body needs. The time has come for us to take control of our destiny and our health. It’s strictly up to us to make sure we put the correct fuel in our bodies to make sure our immune system stays healthy and strong.

All those people that are currently left at the mercy of others with fear of getting sick and dying need to start understanding that you need to put the right nutrients in your body. Food is not a “fun” activity, food is not a “game” food is not a replacement for love, disappointment, anger or lack of entertainment. Food is medicine for the body.

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Food is a conduit to the nutrition the body needs for us to stay healthy and avoid being deathly affected by things like viruses or other illnesses. We don’t put crappy gasoline in our cars, dirty water in the car’s radiator or Crisco oil in the oil spout of the car. We don’t put 10 quarts of oil in our cars if it only takes 4 quarts.

We don’t try to fill the car up with 80 gallons of gasoline if the car only holds 15 gallons. So why abuse the body and break down the immune system?. The stomach is the size of your fist, just put in there the nutrients it requires to keep you healthy and strong.

Essential Nutrients for your Body
Essential Nutrients for your Body

The time has come for us to step up to the plate and avoid our downfall as individuals as well as a country. It all starts with us taking care of ourselves and being a good example for our children and those around us. Today over 60% of the population is obese or overweight. The average American is on one to 14 prescribed medicines a day, how in the world can one keep a healthy immune system being in that condition? Help yourselves and help others, a life is a horrible thing to waste.

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