How To Avoid Eating For Entertainment

One of the biggest downfalls of attempting weight loss is eating for entertainment. To be able to break that habit, you’ll have to change where you do your entertainment. If you watch TV in bed at night, watch it on the couch. If sitting down makes you feel too comfortable and you want to eat, get up every ten minutes, take a drink of water and do 10 jumping jacks or 10 push-ups, or 20 arm circles. The idea here is to disassociate in your brain eating with watching TV. You will fail many times and eventually you will break the habit. If you fall back into it, start from scratch again and this time it will be easier and next time easier. 

How To Avoid Eating For Entertainment
Too many distractions….too many pitfalls

Another form of entertainment is when friends or relatives come over or when we go to a party or gathering.  In this case we tend to eat everything in sight and then feel ashamed and depressed.  However if you restrict yourself from eating, when everyone is gone, you will eat the refrigerator

How To Avoid Eating For Entertainment
Avoid falling into the trap of negativity

In this case the best thing to do when you are around company and food is to play a game. The game consists of seeing how many very small pieces of everything around you can eat or taste. Keep in mind that when I say “little” I’m talking about half the size of your pinky. Go through the whole party or gathering and have fun tasting all they got.

“Eating as a form of entertainment is one of the most dangerous habits for your health. Breaking down the barriers of eating for entertainment is breaking down the barriers of hard addiction.” Hector Sectzer.

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