How Do I Avoid Cravings?

How Do I Avoid Cravings?
How Do I Avoid Cravings?

Cravings are the body communicating with you to advice you of what nutrients it needs. The problems are as follows:

1. We confuse body cravings with mental cravings.

2. We eat addicting foods.

3. We have no clue what the body needs as opposed to what our minds demand.

Because foods that are not organic are filled with addicting additives, sugars and preservatives, we become addicted to food just like an addiction to any drug like cocaine, ecstasy or heroin.

These foods rob our bodies of essential nutrients it needs to properly function, and because we influence our minds to ask for junk food whenever we need a “food fix” the vicious circle of short term energy and rapid crashing begins.

If you feed your body the correct macros from organic foods at every meal, your cravings will subside and eventually disappear.

Think of it as filling your car with gasoline while there’s a hole in the tank. The idea is not to keep on pouring gas in it, but to fix the hole first. The hole in nutrition is “improper nutrition”, or the ingestion of addicting chemicals with our foods.

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